Featured__ Here’s How To Make Purple Blush Work

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When you go to pick out a new color of blush, you probably look for colors like peaches and pinks. But have you ever thought about purple? It might sound a little out there, but purple blush can actually be really pretty if you buy the right shade and use it correctly.

When picking a shade, the first place to start is your skin tone. If you have really light skin, try a lilac color. Lilac is also a great color to start with if you’re not so sure about the whole purple on your face thing yet — it barely looks different from a light pink. Adding a highlighter over top will really brighten up your skin.

If you have a medium skin tone, go for a violet blush. Darker skin tones will be able to pull off darker purples, like plum. Lighter skin colors can pull off plum as well, you’ll just have to use a little less product. Try starting above the apples of your cheeks and blending down into the hollows.

If you want to make the color a little less intense, apply your usual blush color first and lightly brush a purple blush overtop.

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