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Perfect, clumpless lashes are rare to come by these days. If you’ve tried every mascara on the market and are still ending up with clumpy lashes, you may be making some common mascara mistakes. We’ve got some quick tips for you on how to get flawless lashes every time.

Less Is More
While you definitely want to apply more than one coat, you probably don’t want to apply five. Two coats will usually do the trick to thicken your lashes without making them look cakey. Since mascara dries so quickly, after two coats your lashes will be completely dry and applying any more will just make them look like spider legs.

Keep Them Wet
Most people wait until their first coat of mascara is dry to apply another coat, but this causes clumping. Start applying your second coat immediately after the first to coat your lashes without the annoying clumps.

Don’t Pump
Pumping your mascara in the tube before applying it doesn’t do anything but put lots of extra air in the tube, which leads to clumpy mascara on the wand, which leads to clumps in your lashes. Twirl the wand gently when you’re taking it out instead of pumping.

Wipe It
Wipe excess mascara on a tissue or on the bottle before you apply to avoid having to wipe excess mascara off your lashes. Too much mascara is why most people end up with clumps.

Comb Them
If you don’t already own an eyelash comb, it’s time to get one. Not only are they great for separating your lashes and making them look longer and thicker, they’re already a great way to get rid of clumps once they’ve already happened. Trying to pick out clumps with your fingers will only make your lashes stick together.

Soak It
If you’re getting down to the bottom of the tube and it feels like you’re ending up with clumpy lashes no matter what, let the tube sit in a cup of hot water for a few minutes before using it. This will loosen the product and give it a more liquid consistency.



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