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Growing your hair out can feel like it’s taking forever, and it kind of does. If you’re trying to grow your hair out, the first thing you should do is make sure you’re keeping it healthy, but there are also a few other things to try:

1. Supplements

While a healthy diet full of vitamins and protein is ideal for growing long hair, if you’re diet is lacking, try a supplement like biotin to get it to grow a little faster. 

2. Hair Treatment

While conditioning everyday is great, if you want to grow your hair really long you’ll likely need a little extra TLC. Use an oil treatment on your hair once a week before washing to keep your strands healthy and growing. 

3. Ditch The Cotton 

Cotton pillowcases and towels aren’t doing you any favors when it comes to growing out your hair. Cotton pulls your hair and causes breakage – the opposite of what you want when trying to grow long hair. Opt for a satin pillowcase and microfiber towel instead.

4. Take Care 

Be careful with your hair, especially after you’ve just showered. Use a wide tooth comb instead of a brush and comb it very gently. Also, never put your hair in a ponytail or bun until it’s completely dry, or you’ll risk breaking your hair.

5. Cut It

While trimming your hair won’t actually make it grow, it will keep it healthy. If your split ends start climbing all the way up your hair shaft, you’ll have to cut off a lot more when you want to get rid of the damage. 

6. Patience

We'll let you figure this one out on your own.


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