Get Beauty__ How To: Mastering the Cool-Girl Side Flip

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Volume paired with a deep side part looks easy enough, but getting it to stay long enough for a selfie is another story. Byrdie consulted the experts behind Jen Atkin’s, celeb hairstylist, website Mane Addicts to find out how to achieve this look and keep it in place through whatever and wherever the day (and night) may take you.

Check out the Byrdie video and instructions below so you can master your own side flip.

  1. Saturate your roots with salt spray.
  1. Blow-dry your hair, focusing the heat on your roots. Use a brush to lift each section as you go.
  1. Back-comb the hair at your roots in one-inch sections from one side of your head to the other. Hold each section straight up when you back-comb it, and spray it with dry shampoo or finishing spray when you’re done.
  1. When you’ve gone all the way across, flip your hair over to the side you started on.
  1. Without undoing any of your back-combing, lightly smooth out the top (feel free to skip this step if you like your hair a little more textured).
  1. Spray hair spray or finishing spray all over, and muss up the lengths as much as you please.

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