Get Beauty__ New Skin Analysis Tool Knows Your Skin Better Than You Do

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WAY is a new product and app that knows everything you want to know about your skin. The small device (small enough to carry around with you) measures the moisture of your skin and the environment, among other things. WAY then makes personal recommendations about all sorts of things including how often you should be applying moisturizer and when you should change products.

WAY doesn’t stop at telling you if your skin is dry or oily, though. It can detect dry patches on your face to tell you where you need extra moisturizer, as well as moisture in the environment so you know when you need to use a barrier cream.  In addition to moisture, WAY also measures age, oil levels and UV levels to tell you when to apply extra sunscreen. WAY can even determine whether your current skincare regime is effective, and recommend when you should be switching products.

If you’ve ever wished you could carry your dermatologist around with you all the time, you basically can now.

Via: Refinery29

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