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You think you’re doing everything right: you exfoliate, you use a good moisturizer and you always wash your face after your afternoon hot yoga class. If you’re taking great care of your skin but you’re still having lots of breakouts or feeling like your skin is super dull, your diet might be to blame. Cutting out greasy foods will definitely do your skin a favor, but there are also certain foods you can eat to brighten up your face and control breakouts.


Pomegranate is high in Vitamin C, which plays a key role in forming collagen, a protein that is basically what our skin is made of. Eating pomegranate will strengthen your skin with 48% of your vitamin C in just one fruit. The phytochemicals also make your skin softer and healthier. You can even crush pomegranate seeds and use them as an exfoliant. 


It’s the soy in edamame that’s great for your skin, but we love edamame in particular because it’s high in protein, which is essential for great skin. The minerals in soy reduce hyperpigmentation in your skin for a smoother and more even complexion. Try to eat about a cup of edamame as a snack or in your salad each day and you should start seeing results pretty quickly. If you’re not a fan of edamame, start ordering soy lattes instead of regular for the same skin-smoothing benefits.


The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon will hydrate your skin from the inside out and reduce redness and acne. Salmon is also great for your hair, heart and bones and it even helps reduce anxiety and depression.

Sunflower Seeds

The vitamin E in sunflower seeds will help protect your skin from sun damage before it happens by shielding the top layer of your skin to keep it looking soft and supple all summer long. Sunflower seeds are easy to add to soup, trail mix or just to eat as a snack on the go. 


Despite what you’ve probably heard, chocolate actually doesn't cause acne. The cocoa in chocolate hydrates and firms your skin, but you should choose chocolate that’s at least 70% cocoa for the most benefits. Don’t eat an entire pint of fudge ice cream just yet, though. You only need a couple of squares a day to make a difference. Bonus: the small amount of caffeine is a temporary de-puffer. 


Any yogurt will do your skin good, but greek yogurt is even better. The high protein content firms skin and smoothes fine lines. Instead of getting the fruity versions that are loaded with extra sugar, buy plain greek yogurt and add your own fruit and honey or agave to sweeten. You can also put greek yogurt directly on your face as a mask for similar benefits – the good bacteria will control breakouts.

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