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You’re always trying to squeeze your workout in. Whether it be on your lunch break, between work and dinner or before you start your day. You can usually fit in a quick shower, but washing and restyling your hair after every workout just isn’t an option.

That’s where dry shampoo comes in. Dry shampoo is great for quickly absorbing oil and sweat from your hair so you can get on with your day. Here area a few of our favorite post-workout dry shampoos. Try one with one of these styles.

Klorane Dry Shampoo
The not-so-secret key ingredient in this dry shampoo is oat milk, which acts quickly to soak up sweat and cleanse hair. Oat milk also soothes and protects your scalp, while corn and rice starches work with the oats to make sure your hair is grease-free. It adds volume and has a light, fresh scent. The best part? It’s sulfate-, paraben- and colorant-free, so it won’t damage or dry out hair.

Available on for $20

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo
If you often find your hair looking flat and limp after a workout, try this dry shampoo by Big Sexy Hair. It’s a powder spray that not only eliminates grease, but also adds lots of volume. The minerals and clay absorb both oil and product buildup. Bonus: it contains UV filters to protect your hair from damaging sun rays.

Available on for $18

Lulu Organic Hair Powder
We love dry shampoos, but sometimes they can leave your hair smelling like baby powder, which is kind of annoying. In addition to being 100% organic, this dry shampoo from Lulu will have your hair smelling like perfume. It’s available in four scents including lavender and jasmine and is talc-free, vegan, gluten-free and handmade.

Available on for $30

Batiste Dry Shampoo
If dry shampoo isn’t in your everyday routine and you’re looking for one that isn’t too pricey, try Batiste. It costs less than $10 and still works really well. It comes in nine different scents including cherry and floral and is also available in tinted colors like blonde, light brown and dark brown.

Available on for $8 

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
This isn’t technically a dry shampoo, but it works like one. It’s meant to texturize so it leaves a little bit of residue, but it also absorbs oil for a day or two. It revives your hairstyle while adding volume and texture with ingredients like amber, lychee and coconut to leave your hair smelling amazing.

Available on for $42

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