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Purchasing a spanking brand new set of brushes is one of the best feelings. Yah, it'll put a small hole in your wallet, but using a new brush kinda makes it worth it. You know how to use the major players in the kit, but those more unique ones you sometimes just freestyle with. Can I use this for eyeshadow? I guess so...

Stop guessing and start using all of the brushes for what they're really meant for. Here is The Definitive Guide to How To Use Your Makeup Brushes:

The Blush Brush – This might be the only brush we actually know how to use properly, and that’s okay because it basically does it all from applying powder, assisting in contours, and smoothing out blush.

The Concealer Brush – We all know how annoying it can be to perfectly cover up scars, dark spots or blemishes. Your best bet is to go for a medium-sized tapered head with flexible firm bristles.

The Contouring Brush – Achieving that perfect contoured look like Kim (you know the one) can be difficult without the right brush. A fluffy angled brush can help to lift and sculpt cheekbones with a soft finish.

The Eyeliner Brush – Looking for a precise line calls for a brush that has a flat head and stiff bristles, but this brush acts as a double edge with its ability to create that smoky night time look.

The Foundation Brush – Creams and liquids are hard to apply by hand when looking for an airbrushed look. With an angled head an densely packed bristles, this brush allows you to achieve that pore-less glow.

The Highlighting Brush – Applying highlighter, blush, or bronzer, this soft duo-fiber brush adds just the right amount of shimmer to your upper contour.

The Lip Brush ­– After using the lip brush, your days applying straight from the tube are limited. The best way to get a long lasting pout is to use this long wand with soft bristles and a tapered head.

The Powder Brush – Setting your look after all is applied is necessary to keeping that freshly powdered face in place all day. With a tapered head this brush allows you to set your final powder.

The Spoolie Brush – As the best kept secret to keep your brows on fleek, the spoolie brush allows you to shape your brows and distribute pigment when filling in.



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