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From getting gel manicures to cleaning them with acetone, we put our nails through a lot. They deserve a little extra TLC once in a while and that’s where nail masks come into play.

What Are They? 

Nail masks are little pouches that contain ingredients like goat’s milk extract and fit comfortably over your nails. You leave them on your hands for about 30 minutes or so, and voila! Perfect nails.

What Do They Do?

Most contain extracts such as fruit extract to soften your cuticles and argan oil to nourish your nails. Anyone with dehydrated nails, overworked hands, discoloration or split nails can benefit from a nail mask. They strengthen your nails and moisturize the skin on your hands.

When looking for a nail mask, try to find one with natural, hydrating ingredients like coconut and almond oil or shea butter. 

Why Should You Try Them?

Like sheet masks, nail masks take little to no effort and are basically foolproof. They’re best for using when your nails need recovery the most, like after a gel manicure. They’re inexpensive – most will run you about $5 – and ultra concentrated, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Pick up a pack next time you’re shopping for a facemask to show your nails a little extra love.

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