Get Beauty__ Why Your Beauty Regimen Is Helping You Live Longer

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We all have our own guilty pleasures, like spending those extra 15-20 minutes at the beginning or end of the day carrying out our beauty regimen. And while this can mean application of makeup for some or a soothing facemask and cream for others, we can’t deny our love of applying our favorite products.

But it’s much more than just a vanity thing. We all know that feeling when something is simply off. A bad hair day, can actually put us in a bad mood (sad but oh so true). On the other hand there's always those nights where being so exhausted leads you directly to your bed, skipping the whole makeup removal process all together. The following morning is nothing slight of disastrous with unclean skin and smeared eyeliner.

But a new study conducted by CVS has shown that this feeling isn’t just our imagination at work, but rather a correlation between beauty and a “subjective well-being.” According to Yahoo Beauty, NYC-based psychologist Dr. Vivian Diller has gathered information over the past 20 years that proves taking care of ourselves has short and long-term health benefits.

"Activities that allow us to take care of our personal beauty needs should not be viewed as 'guilty pleasures,'" says Diller. "These acts may help us live a long and vital life well into our 80s and 90s."

So next time you think twice about spending some extra time on a perfect cat eye or soaking in the tub a little longer with a mask on, we say go ahead – it pays off, literally, in the long run.

Via: Marie Claire


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