Get Dressed__ Is It Time To Ditch Your Bra For Something Better?

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Here we thought there were just sports bras and regular bras, but now it seems like everyone is wearing another kind of bra: the bralette. Bralettes are bras without wire or molded cups, so they’re usually much more comfortable. But should you ditch your regular bra?

Why They’re Great
You know that amazing feeling when you take off your bra at the end of the day and finally feel free? With bralettes, you’ll never have that feeling again – because you’ll feel free all the time.

Despite not having any underwire, they provide a decent amount of support. Bralette enthusiasts will tell you that they can alleviate back pain and even make your chest perkier.

Bralettes usually have thin or lacy straps, so it feels less faux pas to have your bra straps showing. Actually, they’re meant to show and can even be worn alone.

Who They’re For
Bralettes are best for the small chested, but you should probably be able to get away with wearing one up to a C-cup with decent support. While bralettes don’t usually have molded cups, you can find them with bra cups for a little more support, which is great for bustier girls.

Pretty much anyone can rock a bralette; it’s all about what makes you comfortable. Take the time to shop around and find one that you really feel confident in.

When To Wear Them
Since they don’t provide the same amount of support as regular bras, bralettes work best under loose clothing like button-downs and t-shirts. They’re great for those lazy Sunday mornings when you just can’t be bothered to wear a normal bra but still have to go out in public.

But if you find the right bralette that flatters you well, you can wear it under pretty much anything. Or by itself. It’s all up to you.

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