Get Dressed__ It Might Be Time to Let Go of Your Daisy Dukes

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If you’ve ever worn tight shorts (which we know you have), you’ve probably experienced the unpleasant tightness that comes when trying to sit and how this tightness directly affects, well, your ladybits.

Whatever the reason we put up with this tightness because when we stand still the shorts look good, but what you might not know is this tightness in the crotch area can impair circulation, pinch nerves, and lead to chafing and possible bruising. Not to mention you probably have a frontal wedgie, better known as a camel toe, and no one wants one of those.

While it’s unlikely for the tightness of your shorts to cause permanent damage, it can still leave you with symptoms for up to a week. The worst symptom being a yeast infection, and wearing those daisy dukes can definitely lead to them. But the best way to combat the symptoms is to make sure your tight fitting shorts have a little bit of give. Feel free to find a chair and test them out in the store.

Via: Cosmopolitan

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