Get Fed__ Everything You Need To Know About Intuitive Eating

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You’re so used to trying to force yourself to ignore your late night fast food cravings, but what if you gave into them instead?

Intuitive eating is basically the idea that you should reject the diet mentality and just eat what you want to eat, when you want to eat it. Seems pretty awesome, right?

How It Works
Intuitive eating isn’t necessarily a way to lose weight; it’s a way to repair your relationship with food. Even if you think you have a healthy relationship with food, chances are you see some foods as being “bad,” like chocolate cake. With intuitive eating, there are no good and bad foods, there’s only food. And you eat the food that you want to eat.

While you may think that you’ll eat nothing but bagels and pizza, you have to trust yourself and your instincts. Most people do carb load for a few days, but end up finding themselves craving a big salad by the end of the first week.

How To Get Started
Wake up tomorrow and eat whatever you want for breakfast, but stop eating when you’re full. Listen to your body. The point is to be in tune with your body again, like you were when you were a little kid. You were born with everything you need to eat intuitively; you just have to reteach yourself.

An important part of intuitive eating is to make sure you’re using food for its purpose – to fuel your body. Don’t use it as a reward when you achieve something or as a comfort when you’re upset.

Intuitive eating works best if you don’t let yourself get overly hungry. When you start feeling hungry, think about what you want to eat. Once you start eating, keep the mindfulness going. Try to really experience your food, as if you were at a tasting of some sort, instead of just inhaling it. When you start to get full or when you’re not enjoying your food as much, stop eating.

It takes time to really let go of that diet mentality and let yourself eat when and what you want to eat. The key is to really trust the process and not doubt or punish yourself, and you’ll be on your way to a healthy relationship with food in no time.

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