Get Fed__ Model Helena Christensen Creates a New Danish Super Juice

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Living a healthy lifestyle has always been the norm for model Helena Christensen, as clean eating is embedded into the Danish native's culture. So it wasn't surprising when we found out her clean eating approach has been bottled.

Christensen, who signed on as creative director of the company Seimei about five years ago has made it her mission to contribute to a range of organic fruit-juice blends in their collection of Wish Juices. The result of Christensen's hard work: cold-pressed, substantially made, non-GMO juices arriving in five flavors (Raspberry being Christensen's fave).

"It's like drinking straight from the orchard," Christensen said in an interview with Vogue on the untampered clean juices taste. And the best part you may ask, is what's not included. Ingredients such as concentrated purees, colorants, xanthan gum, or synthetics are a no-go in Christensen's refreshing approach.

Via: Vogue

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