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You're heading to the gym after work but haven't eaten since lunch. You probably won't be able to make it through your 45 minute workout, without some kind of snack. But what to eat is the question.

Right before you exercise, it's important to have a mix of complex and simple carbohydrates to keep you energized throughout your entire workout, as well as proteins and fats to keep you full. Carbs are your friend while exercising. Don’t fear them. The better you fuel yourself before your workout, the harder you’ll work. So it's a win win.

We've put together a few ideas for your pre-workout meal so all you have to think about is grabbing one of these options and off you go.

Whole Wheat Toast With Peanut Butter and a Banana

Whole wheat toast will give you your complex carbs will sustain your energy levels, while a banana will give you the quick boost that fruits can provide. The healthy fats in peanut butter will keep you from getting hungry before your workout is finished

Oatmeal With Fresh Berries

Not only is oatmeal a complex carb that will keep you going, it’s high in fiber and will keep you full for hours. Opt for raw oats as opposed to the packets of oatmeal – they have way less unidentifiable ingredients. The fresh berries will give you that extra kick of energy. Try topping with cinnamon to stabilize your blood sugar.

Greek Yogurt With Granola and Fresh Peaches

Greek yogurt is packed with protein that will keep you feeling fueled throughout your entire workout. The carbs from the peaches and granola combined will have you motivated and ready to take on that tough kickboxing class.

Chicken Breast and Brown Rice

If you’re watching your sugar intake, this one’s for you. Chicken breast is chock full of protein to keep you full, so try to keep your portion small so you don’t start feeling sick during your workout. Brown rice is more complex than white rice, so you’ll keep getting those bursts of energy. This also works great as a post-workout meal.

Turkey and Avocado on Whole Wheat With an Apple

This one’s for the toughest of workouts. Besides being made up almost completely of healthy fats, avocados are extremely nutritious, even containing more potassium than a banana. Extra potassium is great during a hard workout since you lose it when you sweat. The protein from the turkey will fill you up, and the combined complex and simple carbs from the bread and apple will get you through that hour-long cycling class you’re secretly dreading.

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