Get Fed__ Why You Should Eat Fish For Dinner This Week

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Trying to figure out what to prep for dinner this week? Not only is fish a healthy, low-calorie dinner, it also has lots of awesome health benefits.

High Protein
Foods high in protein help you gain lean muscle and recover from your workouts. Try eating some fish and veggies for your next post-workout meal to recover a little faster. Protein also keeps you feeling fuller longer, so you’ll be less likely to indulge in late-night snacking later. 

Protects Your Skin
Many healthy diets tend to be low in fat, which can deprive your skin of the healthy fats it needs. The omega-3s in fish are perfect to keep your skin looking bright and nourished.

Shiny Hair
Just like your skin, your hair also needs healthy fats. Healthy fats like omega-3s keep your hair shiny and strong and keep it from drying out. 

Healthy Fats
There are more benefits to eating healthy fats than just great skin and hair. Fats make hormones, help your body use vitamins and protect your organs. Skip the cheeseburger this time and eat some salmon to give yourself some healthy fats.

Brain Power
Eating fatty fish has been shown to improve memory and help you perform better on exams. It can also decrease symptoms of ADHD and enable your brain to carry messages faster. 

Vitamin D
Chow down on some saltwater fish to get a dose of vitamin D when you can’t make it into the sun. Vitamin D wards of disease and gives you healthier bones. One serving of salmon contains 75% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin D.

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