Get Fed__ Your Chocolate Cravings Could Actually Be Doing Your Heart A Favor

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Chocolate-lovers rejoice: your addiction could actually be helping your heart. A new study published in the journal Heart shows evidence that people who regularly eat chocolate tend to be at a lower risk for heart disease and even strokes.

The study was held at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and used data from 21,000 adults. They monitored the participants through questionnaires for an average of 12 years and found that those who ate more chocolate not only had healthier hearts, but they also had lower BMIs, waist-hip ratios, blood pressure and they exercised more.

Most importantly, though, those who ate more chocolate had an 11% lower risk of heart disease. Those who ate the most chocolate (about 100 grams a day) had a 21% lower risk of stroke as well.

It doesn’t have to be dark chocolate, either. More participants ate milk chocolate than dark chocolate, and the benefits were still there. This suggests that elements in milk chocolate such as calcium and fatty acids may be just as responsible for a healthy heart as the flavonoids found in dark chocolate.

While this study did display a strong correlation, since it was purely observational and not done in a lab, you can’t technically draw any cause and effect from the data. It’s possible that people who have heart disease eat less chocolate because their doctors have told them to. But according to the researchers, there’s no need to cut down on your chocolate habit, especially if you’re worried about heart health. And that’s enough for us.

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