Get Fed__ Your Froyo Habit Could Be Reducing Your Anxiety

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Yogurt is full of vitamins and protein and is great for digestion, but did you know it can ease anxiety? The same probiotics that keep your digestive track running smoothly could also be helping your mental health.

A study published in Psychiatry Research surveyed 710 college students to find out about their anxiety symptoms as well as their diet, personalities and exercise habits. The study showed that students who ate more fermented food like yogurt, kimchi and kefir experienced less social anxiety. There was an even stronger link for students who had a neurotic personality trait, meaning they were more prone to social anxiety.

Since the study was purely observation, there’s no evidence that the yogurt actually caused the reduced anxiety symptoms, but other studies have shown that probiotics found in yogurt can stimulate the release of mood-improving neurotransmitters and improve our response to sadness and stress. So, yogurt does your body good no matter how you get it.

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