Get Fit__ 5 Workouts That Will Make you Way More Gym-Confident

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If you’re working out just to burn off last night's late night pizza, you’re doing it wrong. Yeah, it's about getting in-shape but the right workout can be empowering and a huge confidence booster. It can also lead to feeling better about being in the gym and trying new kinds of training. But where to start? The most important thing is to find a workout you really love, which may involve some trial and error. Here are a few good places to start:

1. Kickboxing

What’s more badass than putting on some boxing gloves and punching away your worries? Kickboxing is a super intense workout that will change your body quickly, and seeing these changes will make you feel amazing.

2. Pole Dancing

Pole dancing as a workout has definitely become a thing. Not only does pole dancing increase your strength and flexibility, it also gets your heart pumping for a good cardio session. Pole dancing class regulars will probably tell you they've never felt so confident before.

3. Weight Lifting

Like running, weight lifting seems like a boring workout, but putting on the best women’s weight lifting gloves and being able to lift more than your own body weight is kinda awesome. You should start at a lower weight than you think you can lift, and start increasing by a few pounds every week. Bring a girlfriend as a spotter.

4. Running

Running may seem like a dreaded and boring workout, but if you haven’t given it a real shot, you definitely should. There’s nothing more empowering than thinking you can’t run a mile, and being able to run five a few months later. Coincidentally, running also happens to be among the very few exercises that actually adds a few inches to your height. So, if you're at it, you might as well monitor your growth with a height calculator weekly.

5. Circuit Training

Circuit training helps with agility and can be a great way to get in your HIIT. Being quick on your feet and working out at high intensity levels is sure to make you feel amazing.


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