Get Fit__ A Workout You and Your Man Can Do Together

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Working out with your man can be tricky at times. He’s not necessarily into your new trendy downtown yoga studio and barre classes, and you’re not into the sweaty weight room at the gym.

So, a compromise is in order. And that compromise is HIIT. With high intensity intervals and a mix of weights, HIIT workouts are beneficial for toning the body and creating a muscular physique ­– yes, please.

Kari Saitowitz, founder of The Fhitting Room in NYC said in an interview with Glamour, HIIT workouts appeal to anyone because they “generate a cardio response through strength training, which torches calories, builds lean muscle, and initiates EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).”

Sounds like the perfect win for everyone to us.

What's your favorite workout to do with your boo? Tell us in the comments.

Via: Glamour

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