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Maybe you’ve been really into doing your workout at 1 a.m. recently, or maybe you’re just short on time. For whatever reason, sometimes you just can’t make it to the gym. And that leaves you trying to get your sweat on in your living room with nothing but free weights. But are those 5-pounders really doing you any favors though?

To help you out, we’re breaking it down for you exercise by exercise.

Bicep Curls
When you’re doing a bicep curl, you really want to focus on your form and controlling the weight. Since the biceps aren’t a very big muscle, you don’t really need to be using heavy weights.

Try using 5-8 pounds and doing more reps instead of opting for heavier weights.

Shoulder Press
A shoulder press is another exercise where you'll want to keep it light. When you’re lifting weights above your head, you don’t want to use anything too heavy. Plus, pressing heavier weights can make it pretty easy to injure your back or neck.

Stick with 5-8 pounds for these as well. 

When you’re working big muscles like your legs, it’s usually good to use heavier weights. Your legs are generally able to support a lot more weight than your arms.

For lunges try holding 10-15 pound weights in each hand. 

You’ll want to grab heavier weights for squats too if you really want to build that booty.

Try holding a 15 pound weight in each hand, or hold a 30-pound weight in both hands at your chest for a more controlled move.

Chest Press
Just like the shoulder press, it’s better to go light for any exercise where you’re lifting a weight above your head. Plus, you most likely don’t have a workout bench in your living room and will be doing those on the ground, which means you won’t get the same momentum you do when you’re at the gym and can lower your arms below the bench, making them a little harder.

8-10 pounds should work for this.

Bent-Over Row
You’ll want to keep it light for back exercises, especially if you’re new to them. It’s really important to make sure you have a strong core before starting any kind of back exercise to avoid injury.

Try using 5-pound weights for rows.

Tricep extension
You’re exempt from the “don’t lift heavy weights above your head” rule for this one. Since you’re only using one weight here instead of two, it’s okay to go a little heavier.

Try using 10 pounds for your tricep extensions.

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