Featured__ Can Your Jogging Routine Survive The Winter?

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It feels like fall hit us pretty hard, and temperatures have gotten frigid fast. If you’re serious about running, you’re definitely not going to drop it for the season. And we all know that running on the treadmill just isn’t the same as hitting the pavement outdoors. So how can you adjust your routine to survive the colder temps? We’ve got a few ideas for you.

It’s a no-brainer that you need to dress warmer for the colder weather. You don’t want to overcompensate, though, or you could get too hot. The key to dressing for a chilly run is dressing as though it’s 20 degrees warmer out than it actually is. This will keep you warm without having you sweat so much that you get a chill.

Warming Up
A good way to keep your body warm is to do your warm-up inside before you start your run. Hop on the treadmill (just for a few minutes!), jump some rope or run up and down your stairs.

Change Directions
Running against the win can be both exhausting and frustrating. You should aim to start your run against the win and finish it with the win against your back, so you’re not battling the wind when you’re sweaty. To make things easier on yourself, try switching directions every 10 minutes.

Change Quickly
Avoid the urge to go grab a bagel and coffee after a cold run, or if you have to, make sure you change first. Staying in damp clothes can lead to you getting chilled, which could make you sick.

Split Your Run
Running is more about mileage and less about speed. If you aren’t able to run at the warmest part of the day, split your run and do half in the morning and half at night. Doing this is much better than doing your entire run at once when you’re super cold.

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