Get Fit__ Ciara’s Mantra That Helped Get Her Back to Pre-Baby Bod

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Ciara says eat the burger and fries! It can be hard to get back on track, especially after having a baby. That's why Ciara came up with a few dieting rules of her own.

Craving the pizza and ice cream? Ciara says stop eyeing it and just eat it. Cece says a break or two from the strict eating regimen is completely okay in an interview with Shape, “When I'm on a strict eating regimen, at some point I have to have French fries, a cheeseburger, and some pizza. And Oreos and vanilla ice cream!”

But when Ciara’s done giving herself a break she flushes her system with a lot of water. “I tell myself that water is my medicine and that to stay well, I have to drink a gallon of it every day.”

But the best part of Ciara's game changing dieting rules? Her mantra, "the food isn't going anywhere."

“You know those days when you think you have to have that plate of pasta right now?  When I'm trying to be good, I take a minute to ask myself, Do you really need to eat all this crazy stuff? It will still be around if you really want it later."

And of course if you want it later, she says go for it.

Via: Cosmopolitan

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