Get Fit__ Five Reasons You Need To Try Kickboxing

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You’re always looking for a new way to revamp your fitness routine and challenge your body. You’ve tried everything from hot yoga to krav maga, but if you haven’t found that workout that leaves you sore all over the next day, you need to try kickboxing. Besides being an amazing workout, here are five things we love about kickboxing.


While you probably wouldn’t take a kickboxing class specifically for self-defense, it definitely helps. Most kickboxing classes emphasize how you can use each move and how it can help you. Having the ability to get yourself out of a dangerous situation is a huge added benefit. 


Kickboxing is clearly an amazing strength training workout, but all that punching and kicking will also blast your heart rate and burn some serious calories. Workouts that incorporate both strength and cardio at the same time can cut your gym time in half.


Agility is a great skill to have when doing workouts like circuit training and, you know, kickboxing. Agility work gives you stronger workouts and keeps you from getting injured. It also increases your blood flow, heart rate and mental focus. 

Stress Relief

What better way to get rid of all that built up stress and anger than punching it out a couple of times a week? Why lie down and watch TV to de-stress after work when you can get a great workout in and let go of your worries? Kickboxing is a great release, but the exercise aspect releases endorphins to relax you even more. 


Knowing that your body is strong enough to kick some serious butt is a huge confidence booster. Kickboxing is also a super intense workout, meaning you’ll see changes in your body pretty quickly. Having physical evidence that all of your hard work is paying off will really make you feel great.

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