Get Fit__ Gold Medalist Natasha Hastings on Her Muscular Physique

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Muscular physique, check. Runners legs, check. Toned tummy, check.

Gold medalist and Team USA athlete, Natasha Hastings dominates on the track, but also in the gym – and she's not ashamed either.

“It's unfortunate that some people don't appreciate women's athletic bodies,” says Hastings in an interview with Cosmopolitan. “As much as I'm a girly girl, I love being buff because it makes me look pretty intimidating — I can still come off as a badass.”

Hastings has no problem engaging in some friendly competition in the weight room either. “I love going to the gym and lifting the same size weights as guys lift. I say embrace what you have."

And embracing her physique is just what she'll do. "I have a nice booty, so I like to play that up. I love my arms, so I show them off,” says Hastings. But at the end of the day she refuses to engage in that ever-famous body-shaming saying, “I don't think that you should shame yourself for not having the perfect body, because no woman has the perfect body.”

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