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You love the Stair Stepper for your HIIT because it kicks your butt into shape. But have you thought of using stairs in other parts of your workout? We’re not talking about running up and down the stairs in your apartment building--though, you could do that too if you like--we’re talking about using an exercise step. Chances are your gym already has a few of them.

Why You Should Use Them: Doing static lunges day in and day out can get pretty boring. Using an exercise step is a really easy way to switch up your routine and make your workouts a little bit harder. Adding an extra motion into your workout burns more calories and works your muscles a little harder, which is pretty awesome.

If you’re falling over all the time (clumsy, me), you can use an exercise step to help improve your balance. It’s easy on your joints and helps with endurance as well.

Using an exercise step lets you get your cardio done while you’re strength training, which can essentially cut your workout in half. 

How To Use Them : You can use exercise steps for a lot of different workouts, but they work especially well for butt and thigh workouts. Try doing a jumping lunge using an exercise step to get both strength training and cardio in one move.

You can also use exercise steps to give your upper-body workout an extra push. Grab your dumbbells and do bicep curls while stepping up each time you curl. The height of the step is adjustable, so as you progress you can keep challenging yourself.

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