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If your workout feels like a chore, you’re doing it wrong. When something is a part of your everyday routine like working out, it really should be something you enjoy. At the very least, you shouldn’t hate it. So if you're not really enjoying it, here are a few things that you do can do to make it a little more pleasant.

It’s no secret that music makes working out a lot more tolerable, but listening to the right music will make it even more enjoyable. Instead of just hitting shuffle, make a playlist that really gets you motivated. Then after a few weeks, make a new one to keep things interesting. 

The Right Workout
If you hate cycling, don’t sign up for a spin class. Forcing yourself to do workouts that you hate definitely won’t lead to good habits or a good time. Find a workout that you love, and do it.

Switch It Up
Once you find that workout that you love, try to find some variations of it as well. Doing the same exact workout everyday can get pretty boring, and it can slow results as well.

Gym Buddy
Not only will finding a gym buddy hold you accountable, it will also make your gym sessions more enjoyable. Find a gym buddy that you have fun with, but not so much fun that you end up talking and messing around the entire time instead of working out. Find someone who motivates you. 

Set Goals
Your goals can be anything from gaining muscle to making it to the gym every weekday. Setting them will make your gym sessions feel like they have a real purpose, which will make them more enjoyable.

Dress The Part
Instead of wearing sweats and an old tee to the gym everyday, invest in some workout clothes that make you feel really confident. When you feel good about yourself at the gym, you’ll be more likely to enjoy your workout and keep coming back.


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