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You’ve been busting your butt in the gym practically everyday for months, and you’ve definitely made some improvements. But the past few weeks? Nothing. Not a pound shed or an extra pull-up in sight. You’ve hit a plateau. So what can you do?

Change Things Up
You should be switching up your training program every few weeks if you want to keep seeing results. If you’ve been jogging everyday for a month and you’re not seeing the results you were seeing at first, try circuit training for a few weeks. Or, you can switch up your routine every day to prevent your body from getting used to your workouts.

Take A Rest
When you’re designing your new and improved fitness regimen, make sure to include at least one rest day – many people will need two or three. While some of your rest days can be active rest days that include stretching and lighter activities like hiking, try to take at least one day a week to lie around and do absolutely nothing except let your body recover. 

Wake Up Earlier
If you’re hitting the gym after work everyday when you’re both physically and mentally exhausted, it’s no wonder you aren’t seeing many improvements. Start setting your alarm an hour earlier to get your workout done in the morning. Not only will you likely have more energy than you do in the evening, you’ll almost never have an excuse not to work out. 

Go To Bed Earlier
Once you start setting your alarm an hour earlier, start hitting the hay an hour earlier too. Or even two hours earlier. It’s important that you get enough rest so that your body can recover from your workout and be ready for the next one. Working out when you’re sleep deprived definitely isn’t going to help you bust through that plateau.

Get A Trainer
If you’ve been training yourself, it may be time to consider hiring a personal trainer. A good trainer will design a plan that works for you and push you to your limits. There’s no better way to break through a plateau than having someone aggressively shove you through it, and a trainer will do exactly that. 

Be Realistic
While you may have started out losing two pounds a week, as your weight decreases so will your progress. Most people hit at least two plateaus when working towards their ideal body weight. Be prepared for it to happen, and follow these steps to keep pushing through.

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