Get Fit__ How To Get All The Benefits of a Full Workout in 12 Minutes

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It’s hard to fit in a long workout into our weekly schedule let alone our daily schedule. So when researchers in Denmark said they tested a 12-minute workout that had all of the benefits of an hour in the gym we were all in.

The 12-minute workout is called the 10-20-30 and it revolves around short intervals of training. The idea is you can apply it to any kind of cardio moving at a comfortable pace for 30 seconds, increasing that pace for 20 seconds, and giving it everything you’ve got for 10 seconds. Repetition of this circuit is four times, a slow walk or complete stop for two minutes and another repetition of five times to total 12 minutes.

At the end of the day you might be reluctant to find yourself at the gym, but 12 minutes is pretty easy to fit into a schedule if you ask us.

Via: Harper's Bazaar

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