Featured__ Is It Okay To Hit The Gym Twice A Day?

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Maybe you’ve got a vacation coming up or maybe you’re just feeling a little extra motivated lately, but something’s making you want to double up on workout sessions. But is it actually healthy to hit the gym twice in one day?

It all depends on how you do it. If you like to get your cardio in before work but don’t have time for a full workout, you can probably jog in the morning and do some strength training before dinner without causing your body any harm. But unless you’re a professional athlete in amazing shape, you don’t want to be doing a long and intense workout twice a day.

If you’re going to work out twice a day, try to limit each workout to no more than 30 minutes. Working out for more than an hour a day can lead to overworking your body, causing you to lose strength and the motivation to exercise, leaving you worse off than where you started.

You also want to make sure that you’re doing different workouts if you’re exercising twice a day. So, don’t hop on the bike in the morning and jog at night, since that would be two cardio sessions in one day. Instead, do some yoga in the morning and bike at night, or lift weights in the morning and do some HIIT before bed.

Make sure you’re eating enough protein and carbs to drive two workouts and getting enough sleep, and you should be fine. Don’t forget your rest day, though – you should be taking at least one day off every week to let your body recover completely.

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