Get Fit__ Lais Ribeiro Packs a Punch at Aerospace NYC

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It’s not all upper cuts and punches; boxing can sculpt some seriously sexy muscles. Just look at top model Lais Ribeiro who boasts about her transformative body classes from Aerospace NYC. The studio is known for its tough classes that always pack a punch. Run through the circuit below four times with 30-second rest periods between sets.

Cardio Blast: Jump rope for 2 minutes, use a weighted rope for a challenge ($25,

Upper-body Burn: Stand in a forward lunge. Extend left arm forward then snap it back. Repeat and switch sides for 1 minute.

Cardio Blast: Jump rope for 2 minutes.

Lower-body Burn: With 3 lb. dumbbells in hand jump switch your forward lunge while pumping your arms for 2 minutes.

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