Get Fit__ Make The World Your Gym With TwoBadBodies

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Who ever said you needed a gym to work out? According to personal trainers (and besties) Jennifer Forrester and Kaisa Keranen, known to their 300,000 Instagram followers as TwoBadBodies, all you need for a good sweat is your best friend. The two met on the University of Washington’s track team over a decade ago and have been working out together ever since. Making the world their gym by taking advantage of the outdoors, the BFF's inspire one another to push harder. “I think its safe to say that neither one of us has anyone else in our lives that challenge us physically the way we challenge each other,” Keranen says.

The duo has created a summer workout for Vogue filled with their favorite moves. Check it out below and try it with your best friend.

Via: Vogue

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