Get Fit__ Mile High Run Club Will Get You Marathon Ready

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Marathons can be terrifying. Especially if running isn’t your forte and you’ve only been clocking a couple 30-minute runs each week. So, that whopping 26.2 miles might seem borderline impossible.

That’s why Mile High Run Club, a new innovative running studio located in NoHo, is launching four tailored training programs geared to help beginners and experts satisfy their physical and mental needs for the big run.

Founder of the Mile High Club, Debora Warner says, “A lot of our runners always have a race on their schedule, so we wanted to design a program that could incorporate their Mile High Run Classes, prepare them for the marathon, and also give them suggestions and conversations about it.”

Split into Beginners and Advanced depending on active running lifestyle, MHRC has sixteen- and eight-week time frames. Both plans include consultations with MHRC coaches to discuss personal goals and challenges to prepare you for those 26.2 miles. All of them.

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