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The Tony Awards were last night, and Patina Miller 2013’s winner for Best Actress in a Musical, was definitely in stage-ready shape. Her secret isn’t running or kickboxing, but jumping rope. Miller says, “I have run, danced, but [jumping rope] is one of the biggest fat burners—it can torch calories and push your body to become strong without bulking.” To get in her daily jumping, Miller finds her way to Aerospace in NYC up to eight times a week.

Watching this video, you’ll think she’s a natural. Complicated jump roping moves don’t always come easy, though – practice makes perfect. “I’ve been working on doing 100 double turns [in a row] for an entire year, and I finally got it three weeks ago—it’s really difficult,” Miller says. Her next goal is 30 minutes of uninterrupted jumping, but the real reason she loves the sport is the mental workout. “[Jumping] keeps me active and fit, but it’s the mental part that’s the hardest part—it’s a good exercise for calming the mind.”

Watch Patina Miller show off her jump rope skills in this video made for Vogue below.

Via: Vogue

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