Get Fit__ Serena Williams Reflects on Tennis Career and Moving Forward

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There has been a lot of buzz about Serena Williams lately – it may be because she's only weeks away from the US Open where she will attempt at making history, or it could be because she recently graced the cover of New York Magazine's fashion issue. Today, we're thinking its the latter.

At 33-years-old Serena has had a long and successful career on the court bringing home too many trophies to count. Serena comments in interview with Kerry Howley, "I have lots of trophies and I'm just not that person that needs to see all these trophies." But this powerhouse talks about more than just her obvious domination ranging from her upbringing to post-tennis plans.

However, nearing out her "really long career" Serena wants more than just nostalgia as she walks away from the net for the last time. Sister Venus, also a tennis star, encouraged her to take some college design courses and follow her "first real love" – designing wedding gowns. But after a respectable career Serena decided on athletic wear saying, "Listen, I'm playing professional tennis. I'll just do athletic wear."

That’s why as of late she's been spending more and more time creating, “Serena’s Signature Statement Collection,” rather than under the hot sun with a bucket of tennis balls. Her career has allowed her to take on and challenge the world as she was raised, but post-tennis she plans to simply live in it.

Read Serena Williams' feature in NY Mag here.

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