Get Fit__ Should You Splurge On Those Pricey Hand Weights?

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We get it, really. You don’t always want to trek to the gym at 11 p.m. to squeeze in a workout before bed. It’s so much easier to just do your workout at home, but doing infinite reps of bodyweight squats just doesn’t satisfy the way heavy weights do.

Using weights for your workout allows you to do less reps and get your session done faster, but a set of home weights can run you up to about $500. So are they worth it?

If you’re going to use home weights to replace your gym membership, they’re definitely worth the cost, even if it’s a few hundred dollars. The average gym membership costs about $60 per month, plus the initiation fee. This can run you up to $800 per year, and according to the stats, you won’t use it nearly as much as you think you will.

You can buy adjustable weights that can be set to weigh anywhere from five to 50 pounds – the equivalent of 15 sets of weights – for about $350. You can even splurge on some great workout DVDs and still spend less than you would on a gym membership.

If you’re not ready to break up with the gym just yet, opt for a cheaper set of weights for when you want to squeeze in a workout at home. Stop by a sporting goods store like Sports Authority to pick up a few sets of hand weights. Three sets should run you less than $100 and will last years to come.

Home weights are also great for holding yourself accountable when the gym is closed or the weather isn’t great. There’s no excuse to skip your workout and binge on Orange Is The New Black when you have all the equipment you need right in your bedroom.

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