Get Fit__ Should You Wear A Fitness Tracker?

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It seems like everyone we know has a fitbit or some type of fitness tracker. But is it really worth it to wear a bulky wristband all the time?

It used to just be about how many steps you walked, but modern fitness trackers do a lot more than just tracking steps. They can track everything from your walking pace to how long you slept, and they don’t stop there. Some fitness trackers even have built-in alarms and text notifications straight from your smartphone. And you don’t even have to wear a bracelet – most companies make options that are small enough to clip to your pants and never be seen.

If you’re someone who likes to set goals for yourself and be able to tangibly see if you’re reaching them, you’ll probably find a lot of use in a fitness tracker. They can tell you how far and fast you’ve walked, how many stairs you’ve climbed and how many total minutes you were active.

The steady gym-goers will also love fitness trackers. You can use them to listen to music and track how many calories you’ve burned during your workout. Some fitness trackers like fitbit even have apps that you can use to connect with friends or gym partners and see their stats. Some more advanced trackers can even track how much you’ve eaten so you know if you’re in a caloric excess or deficit for the day, which will essentially tell you if you’re going to be gaining or losing weight.

If you’re not interested in all the bells and whistles, though, most companies make a cheap, simple alternative that just tracks your steps, distance and calories. It’s beneficial for everyone to know at least some information about their activity level, and when you can get one on amazon for as little as $15, so why not?

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