Featured__ Stretch It Out: Five Things Flexibility Does For Your Body

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It turns out that your yoga class is doing a lot more for you than just helping you touch your toes. You don’t even have to take a class to get these benefits, though. Just stretching for ten minutes or so after your workout will increase flexibility over time. Here are five cool things that being flexible does for your body.

Blood Flow
One awesome benefit of stretching is the increase in blood flow to your muscles. This means that there are more nutrients going to your muscles, which leads to a speedier recovery and less muscle soreness from your workout. The less sore you are, the better your next workout will be.

When your muscles are always tense and tight, your posture will naturally falter. Stretching helps to lengthen tight muscles and pull everything back to where it should be. For better posture, you should specifically be stretching your back, chest and shoulders to align your spine.

Pain Relief
Do you have lower back pain? Stretching causes your muscles to relax and become less tense, leading to less pain. Try stretching out your hamstrings, hip flexors and quads to help reduce stress on your back. Or better yet, go to NervePainGuide.org for more details if you feel that stretching isn't having an effect on your back.

Less Injury
If you’re consistently having to take days off from the gym because you’re injured, start incorporating stretching into your daily workout. When your muscles are loose and stretched out, you’ll be much less prone to injury. Stretching increases your range of motion, meaning you won’t have to try as hard to perform the same movements.

Overall Health
Adding stretching to your routine will help with injury, pain, movement, soreness and physical performance as a whole. When your body is feeling great, your workouts will be great. And when your workouts are great, you’ll be in better health overall.

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