Get Fit__ The App That Could Replace Your Personal Trainer

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If things haven’t been working out with your trainer, you can now replace them with an app. Greatist and Change Collective have partnered to create an app called Lean & Mean Bodyweight Routine.

The app claims to be able to get you in shape without working out every day or working out for hours at a time. It’s designed for beginners and is meant to make exercise a life-long habit in just three weeks.

The workouts are 15-minute videos that don't require any equipment. They start with basic moves like planks and lunges and eventually move on to more advanced moves like mountain climbers. There's a different workout five days per week for three weeks.

The best part might be, when you sign up, you get assigned a personal coach – a real person – that keeps track of your progress and gives you personalized suggestions. You tell your coach what time you want to work out each day and they send you a text reminding you to get your sweat on.

The app also teaches you about fitness trends like HIIT and how to prevent injuries. The idea is that once the “course” is over, you’ll be educated on important fitness topics and ready to make working out a part of your daily life.

The app is available on for $29.99.

Via: Greatist

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