Get Fit__ The Secret To A Stellar Workout

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It’s been drilled into your head since the day you started — you have to warm-up. While we definitely like a good stretch, should we be stretching pre-workout and do we really need to tack on an extra ten minutes just to warm up your body?

Turns out, warming up is actually pretty important. But what’s more important is the type of warm-up you do and when.

Doing static stretches before you exercise can actually lead to injury, so make sure you save these for after your workout. While, jumping right into a workout, especially if it’s high-intensity, can be bad for your heart. You wouldn’t want to start sprinting without doing some light jogging beforehand. But if you’re just doing some low-intensity cardio like incline walking, there’s really no need for a warm-up.

A good warm-up increases blood flow to your muscles to prepare them for a tough workout. It also sends oxygen and nutrients to your muscles so you won’t get winded as easily and improves your coordination and reaction time.

When it comes to picking a warm-up, you should do one that mimics the workout that you’re going to do. So if you’re going to a yoga class, start with some active stretches. If you’re going on a run, start with a fast walk. That way, you’re warming up all the muscles that you’ll be using during your workout.

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