Get Fit__ Venus Williams on Her Body? “I Want to Look Strong”

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As far as we're concerned Venus has got it right.

After The New York Times posted an article discussing body image in relation to female tennis players, citing Serena Williams and commented on her muscular figure, her sister, Venus, sat down with Cosmo to give her thoughts on body image and the figure of an athlete.

When asked about misconceptions of strong, athletic women being masculine and undesirable, Venus said she’s always asked herself “what can my body do for me?” and not “how do I look?” The simple self-reflection has pushed Venus to be her best and made her a star on the court – well, in addition to the hard work, hours in the gym, and undeniable dedication.

Venus continued, “as an athlete I want to look strong.” Cosmopolitan also asked the star if she avoids strength training as to not bulk up. Venus said, “I let my body do whatever it wants to. I’m an athlete, so my main concern is how to achieve my top performance.”

“I want my opponents to look at me across the net and just not want to play me because I look so fit and amazing and strong.”

Via: Cosmopolitan


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