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HIIT is a great way to burn more fat and calories in less time, but doing sprints on the treadmill every day can get old fast. If you’re finding yourself getting bored with the same old interval routine, here are a few reasons to try box jumps on your next HIIT day.

Of course HIIT always involves intensity, but sometimes it’s hard not to cheat by slowing your sprint to a jog. With box jumps, there’s really no way to cut down on the intensity. As long as you’re jumping, your heart rate is going to be up. 

Agility is really important if you like playing sports or during circuit workouts, and box jumps definitely help improve your agility. The faster you can jump, the more you’ll improve. 

More Than Cardio
We love workouts that combine both cardio and strength training, and that’s what box jumps do. You have to squat down before you jump up, which is a great thigh and glute workout. The jumping part will also really work your calves. 

Box jumps take a lot of balance – you may even find yourself falling a few times when you first start out. But the more you jump, the better your balance will be. If you can manage to jump two feet in the air and land without a problem, balance probably won’t be a problem for you anymore.

Seriously. They’re fun. If you want a workout that doesn’t really even feel like a workout, here it is. They’ll make you feel like a little kid again and your workout will be over before you know it.

Little Equipment
You might think you need to head to the gym or make a box for this, but you can actually do box jumps at home with little to no equipment – you really don’t even need a box. You can use a bench or stairs or even a table if you’re more experienced. Just make sure whatever surface you’re using is stable and can support your weight and you’re good to go.

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