Get Fit__ Why You Should Be Stretching Before Every Workout

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Stretching before your workout is important to warm up your muscles and prevent injury, but there are many more reasons that you should be stretching. Here’s some motivation to spend a few extra minutes stretching out your muscles before your next workout.

Improves Flexibility
Stretching for even a few minutes a day can greatly improve your flexibility. Increased flexibility gives you a greater range of motion, leading to more effective workouts. Extending your workout by a couple of minutes to incorporate some stretching is a small price to pay for better results. 

Better Posture
When your muscles are tight and tense, you tend to have poor posture, which can lead to back and neck pain. Stretching lengthens tight muscles, corrects poor posture and keeps your spine correctly aligned. 

Eases Stress
Just like any exercise, stretching relieves stress. When you’re stressed, your muscles tend to contract and become tense. Stretching out your muscles can relieve both physical stress and mental stress. 

More Energy
Stretching improves blood circulation to the muscle and joints, and better circulation means more energy. And who couldn’t use a little extra energy?

Better Coordination
Just like improved flexibility, better coordination leads to better workouts – especially high-agility workouts like circuit training. Better coordination also means that you’ll wipe out less, meaning fewer injuries.




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