Get Healthy__ Can the Beach Cure Your Headache?

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Salt in the air, sand in your toes and the warmth of sunshine on your skin. Now there’s an image we love to toss around in our mind, especially when we’re in the office. But lapping waves on the beach and sunshine on your skin does more than just provide a relaxing way to get a tan. It actually relieves a headache.

According to Lynn Webster, M.D., author of the upcoming book The Painful Truth: What Chronic Pain is Really Like and Why it Matters to Each of Us., it’s not a bad idea to head to the beach for some natural light, warmth and soothing ocean sounds next time your headache hits.

While no formal study has been conducted by Webster, he say’s that through out his years of helping patients the soothing sounds of the ocean and natural light seem to cure most headache cases, even severe.

And to be honest even though it’s not a guarantee, we’re willing to give the blissful beach a try.


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