Get Healthy__ Do You Need Oxygen From A Can?

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Your hands are on your knees, back hunched over, and you’re gasping for breath while beads of sweat drip down your face. In this moment, all you really want is some extra air to help you catch your breath. And wouldn’t it be great if we had bottles of air, just like we do water?

No, not like an inhaler. Like an actual can of air, or better known as Oxygen Plus (yes, it’s really a thing!)

The can holds four-liters of air and is recommended in three-to-five breaths post-workout. After all, breathing in the extra oxygen helps to fuel your muscles and promote post-workout recovery. Plus, it's supposed to help combat hangovers for nights when you've had a few too many.

But if you’re not willing to splurge on the $24 can of O2, don’t worry, deep breathing is just as beneficial.

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