Get Healthy__ Have You Heard of Coconut Vinegar?

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It’s no secret that coconut "anything" has become a superfood of sorts. Whether it’s coconut oil, milk, or flour, if it has the word coconut in it people seem to flock to the product. So when coconut vinegar found its way on to the shelves, we knew it would be a hit.

Naturally fermented from the sap of coconut trees, the coconut vinegar has all the same benefits as the rest of the fam, but amplified. "This makes it extremely good for your gut health because of the prebiotics and probiotics (healthy bacteria for your gut) they contain," says LA-based clinical nutritionist, personal trainer, and author Jennifer Cassetta.

Specifically, coconut vinegar is high in Vitamin B and amino acids. So if you’ve like totally exhausted coconut oil, milk and flour, there's a new coconut for you to try.

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