Get Healthy__ Do You Actually Need A Multivitamin?

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While getting all your vitamins from food is ideal, sometimes that burger just seems a little more appetizing than the healthier kale salad. But are you really reaping the same benefits if you just pop a multivitamin after dinner?

Multivitamins seem really great in theory since vitamins are necessary to keep us feeling healthy and our bodies running smoothly. However, there’s actually very little evidence to suggest that multivitamins provide any real health benefits. And realistically, we don’t really need them. A survey found that while our vitamin and mineral levels are not necessarily optimal, we’re not typically deficient either. The study showed that fewer than 10% of Americans suffer from nutritional deficiencies. So you can skip the kale salad this time.

So, does that mean taking a multi is bad? Not necessarily. It’s unlikely that a multivitamin will cause you any significant harm, just as it’s unlikely that it will give you any significant benefits. While some studies have shown a correlation between those who took a multivitamin and their overall health level, it’s very possibly because healthier people are more likely to take a multivitamin.

And, chances are, are you’re actually getting a lot more vitamins through your diet than you think you are. Even if you’re not getting your recommended nine servings of fruit and veggies everyday, foods like cereal, bread and nutrition bars are fortified with added vitamins and minerals. Most evidence suggests that as long as you eat a generally healthy diet, you really don't need a multivitamin.

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