Featured__ Flying? How to Spend Your Time in the Terminal Nourished and Refreshed

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Before trips we often spend a little time in the gym and (trying) to eat a little more healthy to make up for all the frozen drinks and "yes, desert please" we'll take part in once we touch down, but once we enter the airport our snack choices usually tend to be quick and unhealthy. Since times spent in flight and in the terminal are unavoidable, there’s plenty of ways to still find nutritious snack items to keep your stomach happy and not bloated.

According to Manhattan-based nutritionist Maria Marlowe, there are prepackaged items that are easy for on-the-go vacationers. Try packing sprouted or raw nuts or seeds, dried coconut, Artisana almond butter squeeze packs, and Go Raw Super Cookies.

If you’re already in the terminal keep an eye out for fresh fruits or vegetables. Marlowe suggests veggies and hummus, pistachios, or fresh juices to stay energized and full until touchdown in your new destination. And of course, the more water the better. Always.

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