Get Healthy__ Hey Frequent Flyers, Too Much Travel Time Is Effecting Your Health

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Hey, frequent flyers. There's a reason that jet lag seems to be longer lasting and throwing off your whole first day of vacay. It's because traveling too much can have serious health effects on your body.

While we all love a quick get away, that's what it should be quick. We're by no means saying don't go on that vacation you've been wanting to go on, but Victoria Sowards, Director of Nursing Resources at PassportHealth, says the effects on your health is more so dependent on the length of the flight rather than frequently flying.

The longer the flight the more risk there is to severe jet lag and deep-vein thrombosis, which is just a big word for blood clotting in the legs after being still for a long period of time. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this.

“People just need to walk around, move their ankles, stretch in the aisle,” says Sowards. If you can remember to get up and move around on the plane, you'll have way less of a problem.

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