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A good night’s sleep can improve your memory, aid weight loss and lower stress levels. But if you need another reason to hit the hay a little earlier, here it is. Sleeping less or sleeping poorly can lead to more conflict in your relationship.

Amie Gordon and Serena Chen from the University of California Berkeley conducted a study in the form of a brief online survey taken every day for two weeks. Participants answered questions about how long they slept, how often they woke during the night, how tired or alert they felt when they woke the next morning, how tired they felt throughout the day and whether or not they experienced conflicts in their relationship.

On average, participants who slept worse reported having more conflicts with their partners than those who got a good night’s sleep, even if it was just one night. And sleep quality didn’t just affect whether or not participants argued with their partners, but also whether or not they were able to successfully resolve the conflict. Those who had a lower quality sleep were also less accurate at reading their partner’s emotions.

Having one well-rested partner isn’t enough, either. Both of you need to sleep well in order to be able to resolve conflicts and read each other well.

So turn off Netflix an hour earlier tonight and grab some extra shuteye – your relationship will thank you.

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